Think there’s no time to teach handwriting? Think keyboarding is the way of the future?

T H I N K   A G A I N !

Research shows that writing by hand:

  • Develops Fine Motor Skills
  • Increases Brain Activity
  • Integrates Language Learning
  • Stimulates Ideas, Opinions and Emotion
  • Aids Memory and Recall
  • Improves Math and Reading Scores
  • Activates Creativity




Sunshine Script Makes Handwriting Easier to Teach and to Learn

Mechanical Efficiency

Sunshine Script is 14 to 28% more efficient in the mechanical forming of letters than the top six popular handwriting models. See our research.

Fewer Letter Forms to Learn

In Sunshine Script, uppercase A, M, N, W and Y are the same forms as the lowercase, reducing the number of unique letter forms.

Motor Memory Integration

Sunshine Script letters are presented in groups with similar forms, building stroke upon stroke. Automaticity, fluency and legibility are enhanced by this activity. Students move quickly from “drawing” letter forms to writing.

Written Words Introduced Sooner

Upper and lowercase letters are introduced together. Within the first team of letters students begin to form simple words and sentences.

No Gimmicks

There are no gimmicks in teaching Sunshine Script. Students begin forming their letters immediately using mature verbal instruction and without visual distractions.

Cost Effective

Sunshine Script is a black & white, print-it-yourself, digitally downloadable program – no expensive materials to purchase.


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