In assessing over 400 kindergartners individually, we find that some popular handwriting programs actually induce scripting errors. Handwriting is a motor skill – not a construction project. The brain learns motor skill by repetition of motion. Teaching ‘ball & stick’ or ‘arc & stick’ methods slows the development of motor memory by activating three dimensional construction thinking – especially devastating for spatially gifted children.

Method Induced Scripting Errors

Model Comparison of Mechanical Efficiency

We assigned point value to the individual strokes used to form a letter (2 pts each), the redirection of motion without lifting the pencil (1 pt each), and embellishments, that is, any stroke unnecessary for defining a letter (1 pt each). This allowed us to calculate the mechanical efficiency of six popular handwriting methods for comparison. We found Sunshine Script to be 14 to 28% more efficient than the other models as shown.