Sunshine Script Alphabet & Numbers


Letters and Numbers are Grouped by Similar Strokes

Team C: start like a ‘C’.

Team R: down, up and over.

Team U: down, under and up.

Team L: straight down and diagonal lines.



Driving & Traffic Light Theme

Starting, turning, and stopping points guide students along the stroke path with minimum instruction.




Sunshine Script Improves Efficiency

The cursive forms of uppercase A E M N W and Y are fluid and scripted the same as the lowercase manuscript letter (except e). These efficient forms transition easily to cursive. Why teach additional symbols?


Contemporary Cursive


  •  Letters are unique for easy reading.
  •  No unnecessary embellishments.
  •  As little change from manuscript as possible for ease of learning.
  •  Letters maintain a left-to-right scripting motion.
  •  Lack of slant avoids difficulties for left-handed students.