People Are Saying Great Things

“New, effective handwriting curriculum at Desert Mesa!”

– Yuma Sun, Town News

Photo by Craig Fry / Yuma Sun


“The handwriting program is going very well. It is the best part of my day. The kids like working in the small booklets. We have done 2 letters a day. The students think it is a lot of fun. When we write on notebook paper for spelling practice I am seeing better use of space and much neater writing.”

– Jill Gibson, 1st grade teacher, Seahurst Elementary

Photo by Rylee Stearnes


“This is awesome, we never get cirriculum for free!”

– Pre-K Teachers, Boze Elementary, at World Vision’s Teacher Resource Center


World Vision prints and distributes 13 of our 60-plus resources free to teachers in qualifying Title One schools through their Teacher Resource Centers.


Featured at Kids In Need Foundation Summit 2013